Contests and Rewards

Hoop time is filled with many different contests and prizes! Each contest has a specific reward attached to it. Could be a cool prize, could be a fun party, could be the admiration of your peers.  Gather those pledges because we have lots of prizes to win!

Here is a breakdown of some of the contests and prizes that your child(ren) have the opportunity to win.

  • Every child will receive a super cool participation prize once a pledge of any amount has been received.

  • This year's Hoop t-shirt will be earned once a child has raised $125.

  • For every $50 brought in per child, their name will be entered into a drawing for:
Kindergarten - 2nd grade:  Two winners will receive a Giant Teddy Bear/ $25 Toys R Us gift card
3rd grade - 6th grade:  Two winners will receive an electric scooter and the other will receive a Nike bag filled with swag; a Nike basketball, a t-shirt, and a $25.00 gift card
7th - 8th grade:  $100 Visa Gift Card

  • Weekly Class Contests — Weekly HALL Competitions 
There will be two weeks of contests. The first one will be announced Friday, February 17th and the second one Friday, February 24th. This is a hall competition (K-2 hall, 3-4 hall, 5-6 hall) for the weekly top pledge winners. These classes will be recognized in a special way!

  • Class Parties will be given after Hoop for the classes with the most baskets, the most pledges and for the best spirit. There will be a K-2 class winner and a 3-6 class winner for each of these categories.