Everly Cartmill | 1M Mickel

What is Hoop?

Hoop is my school's student-driven fundraiser!  We are working hard to benefit our school while at the same time having a lot of fun! Here’s how Hoop happens... We gather pledges and on Hoop Day we get 5 minutes to make as many free-throws as we can. (The basket and distance are adjusted according to my age). If you are willing to sponsor me, you can either pledge a flat amount or make a per basket pledge.  

As a school, our goal this year is to raise more than $60,000.  Thank you for helping me reach my personal goal and for helping our school bring in much-needed funds!

One Team One Heart  Phil. 2:2 "One love, one spirit, one mind."

Funds raised: $160 of $125

Thank you donors
Joanne Novak : $25
Keith and Leslie Wright : $10
Craig and Mauria Cartmill : $10
Robert and Julie Novak : $50
Allison Cartmill : $15
Cindy and Randy Cartmill : $50