About Hoop 2018

What size of Hoop will students use to shoot?
from Basket
K - 2ndK-1st = 5'
2nd = 6'

3rd - 4th8'8' to 10'Intermediate
5th - 6th10'10' to 12'Intermediate
7th - 8th10'10' to 12'Standard

Average Hoops Shot by Grade:
Grade Male Female
K 67 47
1 80 53
2 80 65
3 70 50
4 79 52
5 45 31
6 48 37
7 38 32
8 48 38

** These are averages only. Every child’s ability is different!

Spirit Week February 26th - March 2rd
Spirit week runs during the week of Hoop.  It is a fun way to celebrate the week and for the students to show their school spirit.  We encourage all students to have fun with this and to dress up for each of our spirit days!  This year's spirit week themes were announced at our kick-off assembly on February 13th.  Just a reminder, spirit week is the week of February 26th - March 2rd.
  • Monday is Comfy Pajama Day
  • Tuesday is Tourist Day
  • Wednesday is Disney Day
  • Thursday is Sport Jersey Day
  • Friday is Class Choice (Each class will pick their theme for the day.  Ask your student what they choose.)

Printable Website Cards
In order to make spreading the word a little easier, click here to print more website cards.  Please feel free to take these cards door to door, to church, or wherever you might be gathering pledges.  Just give one to the donor, and they can log in to enter their information and pledge.  Or, write down their email on the line provided and send them an email containing the link to your page.  It's that simple!

Pledges received before Sunday, March 4th
Pledges that are received before Sunday, March 4th will be counted towards class and individual contests.  Pledges received after that date are still welcome but will not be counted towards contests.     

Shoot Times for Hoop Day

Wondering what time your child(ren) will shoot on Hoop day?
Kindergarten - 11:40-12:10          1st Grade - 8:30-9:15          2nd Grade - 9:30-10:15          3rd Grade - 8:30-9:15          4th Grade - 9:30-10:15
5th Grade - 10:40-11:25               6th Grade - 1:00-1:45         7th Grade - 2:15-3:00             8th Grade - 2:15-3:00 

Employee Match
You may be able to help your child raise additional funds for Hoop.  Many employers will match any charitable contribution made by their employees to a non-profit organization.  Ask your Human Resources Department if they will match your pledge and encourage your sponsors to do the same!